Who we are

Ahaean Land is an "idea" that became a reality. Its creators, Kostas and Thanasis, with common origins, with the same experiences, with love for nature, for the land, created their own proposal in olive oil. From childhood, they experienced the process of caring for, collecting, and finally producing olive oil. One in Achaia and the other in Argolida. They found themselves in Athens, they followed their own different professional paths which they continue to pursue.However, their memories, their land with olive trees and their desire to create a product that is a product of the highest quality, are the basis of their work. that will give maximum pleasure to those who taste it was the motivation for the birth of Ahaean Land. And so it was. With passion, love and a desire to create, they embarked on a new activity.They organized the production, packaging and distribution of their own olive oil under the brands Aheleon, Dedalos, Oelia Terra and their impressive quality characteristics. And they succeeded. The company's products have high quality, excellent specifications of characteristics and unique packaging.High aesthetics, distinctive taste and top quality succinctly describe what Ahaean Land olive oils offer.

Ahaean Land's olive oils: challenge, promise, guarantee

High aesthetics, distinctive taste and top quality olive oil.They harmoniously satisfy Taste, Smell.. and Vision. They appeal to the senses.They have a strong "personality" and are a unique presence on every table.They have standards, distinctions, certificates and earn the love of experts.(tasters, chefs, doctors) who talk about them.

What do Ahaean Land's olive oils offer...

They take you on a journey to the Greek nature. They give you the opportunity to live and create your own gastronomic experience.They elevate the taste test and activate the senses.With aromas that evoke the land, the field, the aromatic plants, they challenge.With their green, transparent colour, and mysterious depth, they promise ...With a rich yet delicate taste, and a strong yet velvety sensation, they guarantee...Anyone who knows them comes close to them because what they look like is not the same...They quickly gain fanatical admirers.