The Management of the company AHAEAN LAND Ltd has chosen as way for its development, a well-defined Policy for the safety and hygiene of its products, the consumption of which does not pose any risk to people.

AHAEAN LAND Ltd operates in the standardization, packaging and distribution of extra virgin olive oil and it undertakes to comply with the product specifications pursuant to the marketing standards for olive oil, the Food and Drink Code, the relevant legislation and the specifications agreed with its customers.

The main purpose of the company is the integrity and authenticity of its products, namely the fulfillment of the condition pursuant to which a food product is perfect in all aspects (in technical, sensory, moral and health terms). The assurance of Integrity and Authenticity of the company's products is a daily struggle for the benefit of all interested parties, with the mission of offering daily pleasure with excellent services while improving the quality of life of human resources and the well-being of suppliers, partners and local communities.

“We safely standardize the olive oil that we enjoy”

Through the implementation of the company's Safety Policy, we express our commitment to the following:

ο Providing products which comply with all health and safety conditions as well as the specifications set by both National and Community Law.

ο Insuring sufficient resources for the maintenance and updating of the System, the purchase of new, modern equipment, the improvement of the facilities of the olive oil standardization unit, the infrastructure and the work environment.

ο Providing products, which are produced under the implementation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.

ο Faithfully implementing and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System, pursuant to ISO22000:2018.

  • Continuously training of employees as regards food hygiene and safety, prevention of malicious acts and fraud, in order to ensure a high level of expertise and the establishment of a food safety culture.

ο Continuously improving customer satisfaction and minimizing their complaints.

ο Continuously improving our internal business procedures.

ο Maintaining an excellent and continuous communication with our suppliers, our customers and the authorities.

ο Making continuous effort to improve the quality and safety of the products by establishing a risk register, a list of requirements of the interested parties and defining the business objectives, in order to increase competitiveness and ensure the health of consumers.

We have set measurable objectives for the implementation of our strategy, which are constantly being monitored for their effectiveness. We struggle for continuous improvement, always based on the safety of the end consumer and the satisfaction of their expectations as our main objective.




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