Ahaean Land's herbal blends were created by specialists and are intended for use in foods, especially roasted foods such as: fish, poultry and red meat (beef, pork, lamb and others).
The blends are combinations of herbs of Greek nature that give a special taste. They do not alter the characteristics of the meat or fish. On the contrary, they enhance the flavour of the raw material and add strength to it, making it more stable, tasty and ideal as a culinary proposal. Ahaean Land's herb blends create standards for high culinary delights.
Their combination, through know-how and years of experience in their use in Greek cuisine, gives a unique result.
Like all the company's products, the herbal blends are in special beautiful packaging, with the highest quality and aesthetics.
It is another careful choice and proposal for those who love flavors, and seek to upgrade the gastronomic experience.
Experience the Essence of Nature with Our Extra Virgin Olive Selection – Purity in Every Drop, Tradition in Every Taste.
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