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Unveiling Nature's Elixir in Every Bottle: Where Time-Honored Tradition Meets Modern Mastery. Taste the Future of Olive Oil, Sustainably Sourced, Exquisitely Delivered.

Extra Virgin Excellence in Every Drop!

About Ahaeanland

Ahaean Land, created by Kostas and Thanasis, is a testament to their shared heritage and love for olive oil, rooted in their upbringing in Achaia and Argolida. Reuniting in Athens, they channeled their childhood experiences into launching their own olive oil brand. Their products, under the labels Aheleon, Dedalos, and Oelia Terra, are renowned for their exceptional quality, distinctive taste, and elegant packaging. This venture represents not just a business, but a passion for preserving and sharing a piece of their tradition with the world.

Our products

Experience the fusion of tradition and quality in every bottle, bringing the essence of Ahaean Land to your table.
  • Aheleon blend Psili Raxi White

  • Aheleon blend Psili Raxi Black

  • Aheleon blend Peirros Black

  • Aheleon blend Peirros White

  • Aheleon blend Kamenitsa Black

  • Aheleon blend Kamenitsa White

  • Dedalos Premium

  • Dedalos Classic

  • Oelia Terra blend


Our process

Experience the Essence of Nature with Our Extra Virgin Olive Selection – Purity in Every Drop, Tradition in Every Taste.
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