Psili Rachi

Psili Rachi a region with hilly terrain, has revealed Mycenaean Civilization artifacts through archaeological digs. The olive oil container's design from Psili Rachi was deeply influenced by Mycenaean art and the region's discovered gold jewelry, resulting in a futuristic droplet shape. This design not only reflects the area's landscape and Mycenaean art but also represents the olive oil's rich, complex taste with a sweet finish.


The river's name, derived from "πείρω" meaning "to penetrate," reflects its path through the region's mountains. The design of the olive oil container from the Peiros area was inspired by this concept, resembling a cylindrical drill and featuring elements like carved olive branches and river-like patterns. This design symbolizes the olive oil produced there, known for its intense, spicy olive fruit aftertaste and fresh herb aromas.

Daedalus: Intricately Crafted

Daedalus is considered a mythical hero of Athenian origin, credited indiscriminately with all the primal works of architecture and sculpture. An architect, sculptor, and inventor of machines, and father of Icarus, Daedalus is mentioned by Homer as the creator of the Labyrinth in Crete, which housed the Minotaur. The mythical figure of Daedalus serves as a symbolic source of inspiration for the production of exceptionally high-quality olive oil, applying comprehensive management from cultivation to standardization.

Daedalus Olive Oil originates from privately-owned olive groves of the Koroneiki variety in the Achaia region of the Peloponnese. These groves produce high-quality, renowned olive oil from varieties that have been cultivated for centuries in their soils. The Koroneiki variety is recognized as the best in the world, known for producing superior Greek olive oil. The care of the DEDALOS olive groves is continuous and meticulous, aiming to produce fruit of the highest quality, employing methods of integrated management.

It is important that the harvest takes place at the right moment of the fruit's ripening. Only then can the olive fruit yield an excellent result. After harvesting, the fruit is taken to the mill for processing. Its exceptional quality is based on its acidity, which is around 0.3, and chemical analyses prove that DEDALOS olive oil is an outstanding extra virgin olive oil. The main goal is to provide the consumer with a natural product without chemical interventions. The processing is done only through natural and mechanical means at low temperatures to produce a product that is excellent both organoleptically and physicochemically, retaining all its nutritional elements and components.


The toponym of the area comes from the word "κάμινος" (kiln or furnace). The area was named after the pre-medieval clay kilns that operated there for processing clay and producing pottery vessels. The shape and form of the ancient Greek conical amphora, interpreted in both Doric and modern styles, served as the inspiration for the design and development of the ceramic container.
This design perfectly represents, both historically and in terms of flavor, the balanced and 'sharp' sensation at the neck of the olive oil produced from this specific olive grove.
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