Written by Giannis Linardakis 
Cardiac surgeon 
Deputy Director of Henry Dunant Hospital Center
Olive oil is "God's blessing."
If I was ever asked to point out two or three representative features of Greece, I would definitely choose olive oil as one of them. 
The vast olive groves, the fertile land, the olive oil, the "liquid gold" as Homer described it, are one of the main pillars of the unparalleled gastronomic and cultural heritage of our country. 
From ancient times until today the olive branch is a symbol of peace. And olive oil is a product of great value. 
The Mediterranean Diet was, is and will be based on olive oil. 
It is a source of life and well-being, it protects our cardiovascular system, significantly reducing the likelihood of strokes while its completeness in vitamin E often acts as a natural prevention for some forms of cancer. 
Due to its rich monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats it works beneficially against depression while helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 
Although it is primarily a fatty ingredient, virgin olive oil is preferred – even in today's digital age – by counterpart products such as butter. 
In conclusion, olive oil is "God's blessing".