Welcome to our production.

The olive oils of Ahaean Land LTD are authentic.

It is a distillate of experience, knowledge, ideal conditions for the cultivation of our trees, in harmonious climatic conditions. It's our tradition, it's a lot... Our olives are located in Achaia and Argolida. Two areas with environmental conditions that help in the qualitative result we seek.

More than 8 thousand olive trees are preserved, cultivated, monitored and contribute to the creation of our unique product.


We create aesthetics

The Aheleon class creates aesthetics with its packaging and responds to every taste requirement. It is the result of the effort for a qualitative presence in the Greek and foreign markets.

With its packaging it becomes a reference point on every table. It is provided in three different proposals: Kamenitsa, Psili Rachi and Peiros, claiming a place in high aesthetics and innovative design.

However, the olive oils of Ahaean Land LTD exist in the simplest packaging in the Categories Dedalos & Oelia Terra where their content vindicates those who choose them.

Our company Ahaean Land LTD which is responsible for the production, distribution, and dissemination of our product.


Two varieties.

Our olive oils have characteristics that fascinate and remain unforgettable. They create fans. The koroneiko and manaki varieties play a leading role in combination with the climatic conditions of the regions where the olive trees are located give a noble result that in the very first test convinces.  

Our oil has a unique smell and taste. And as experts say it is in the right proportions fruity, spicy and makes you feel when you taste it that it is special olive oil. It awakens the taste and creates a memory. He brings you to him and wins you over.


Unforgettable taste

The olive oils of Ahaean Land LTD with its unique taste can contribute to gastronomic creations making the food healthier, tastier, closer to traditional flavors. They are rich in all the useful, valuable and healthy ingredients they need