Ahaean Land is a "concept" that has come true. Its creators, Kostas and Thanasis, with a common origin, with the same experiences, with love for nature, for the earth, created their own olive oil suggestion. 

Since children, they lived through the process of caring, collecting, and ultimately producing olive oil. 

One was in Achaia and the other in Argolida. They met each other in Athens, followed their own different professional careers and so they move forward.

But their memories, their lands filled with olive trees and their willingness to create a product that will offer maximum pleasure to gourmets were their motivation to create Ahaean Land.  

And so it happened. With passion, love and a willingness to create, they proceeded to a new activity.

They organized the production, packaging and distribution of their own olive oil with the brands Aheleon, Dedalos Oelia Terra and the impressive quality characteristics they have 

And they succeeded. The company's products are of high quality, excellent characteristic specifications and a unique packaging.

Ahaean Land's olive oils are characterized by high aesthetics, distinctive taste and top quality.